Tournament & Demo Team

The Tae Park Tae Kwon Do international tournament and demonstration team was originally formed by Grand Master Tae Zee Park in 1996. The team competes against the best in the world. Later, GM Park created the demonstration team in order to showcase Tae Kwon Do basics, forms, one-step, as well as free sparring. Skits were added to make the demonstrations even more entertaining for the crowds. If you haven’t seen a demonstration, look for their next appearance and come seem them in action. It is very entertaining.

Team Tryouts will be held twice a year, once during the Fall season and once during the Summer season. Any member of Tae Park Institute with the rank of Red or Black Belt 14 years and older are welcome to tryout. Check with your instructor if you are interested in trying out for the team.

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Current members of the team include:

Mr. Dan Duba – Head Coach – 3rd Dan – Good Institute

Mr. Andy Mueller – Assistant Coach – 2nd Dan – Lofquist Institute

Mr. Micah Gaston – Team Member – 1st Dan – Golombisky Institute

Mr. Ben Jackson – Team Member – 1st Dan – Williams Institute

Mr. Josiah Karneham – Team Member – 2nd Dan – Good Institute

Ms. Tori Koorndyk – Team Member – 2nd Dan – Good Institute

Mr. Ransom Rathbun – Team Member – 1st Dan – Ramos Institute

Mr. Alexander Repp – Team Member – 2nd Dan – Good Institute

Ms. Elizabeth Repp – Team Member – 2nd Dan – Good Institute


updated 12-05-2021

Recent Alumni

Ms. Katelyn Schullo – Female Team Captain – 3rd dan -Ensing Institute

Mr. Kevin Hadley – Male Team Captain – 2nd dan – Ramos Institute

Mr. Brian Reens – Team Member – 2nd dan – Ensing Institute

Ms. Elle Bennett – Team Member – 2nd dan – Lucas Institute

Ms. Elliana James – Team Member – 2nd dan – Ramos Institute

Mr. Daniel Mueller – Team Member – 1st dan – Lofquist Institute

Mr. DaVin Hoffman – Team Member – 1st dan – Good Institute

Ms. Grace Jeffery – Team Member – 1st dan – Golombisky Institute

Master Lemon Williams II – Lofquist Institute – student and coach

Mr. Alex Budge – M. Klingbeil Institute – (Grand Valley State University – Freshman Class 2015)

Mr. Sam Decker – Lucas Institute (Michigan State University – Freshman Class 2013)

Mr. Erik Veen – Ensing Institute

Mr. Jose Herrara – Good Institute

Mr. Nick Ryckbost – Ross Institute (Seattle Pacific University – Freshman Class 2013)

Mr. Don Le – Good Institute (Stanford University – Freshman Class 2013)