2022 New Masters

New 9th Dan Grand Master [1st Tae Park Tae Kwon Do student to achieve this rank]

Richard Warren

New 9th Dan Grand Master Warren

New 8th Dan Grand Master

Dennis Lewis

New 8th Dan Grand Master Lewis

New 4th Dan Master

Daniel Arguera

Jason Berciunas

Robert Berrington III

Marcus King

2021 New Masters

No promotions due to covid.

2020 New Masters

No promotions due to covid.

2019 New Masters

On April Friday evening April 5 in Paducah Kentucky a Masters testing was held by Tae Park Taekwondo/World Class Tae Kwon Do.  Candidates were (alphabetically): Master Larry Arthur,  Master Rachel Harshbarger D.V.M,  Master Robert Jones, Master Terry King. Mr. Paul La Vigne, Master Aaron Lindstrom, Master Bruce Park Jr.,  Master Patricia Ramos, Master Don Ross, Master Huong Tran,   Mr. LaVigne tested to 4 Dan and the other Masters all raised to the rank of 5 Dan.  They were tested on forms, breaking, teaching skills, essay and required recommendations from high ranking Master Instructors.

This testing was in addition to a 2 day seminar taught by Master Instructors, Senior Masters, Junior Grand Masters, Grand Masters and included special teaching by Grand Master Tae Zee Park.  Attendance was up this year and on Saturday the 6th, concluded the day with a color belt and black belt testing followed by a celebration of the event with music and delicious food!  The event is Hosted by Mid South Lewis Institute of Tae Park Taekwondo annually.

Judges were:  Grand Master Tae Zee Park, Grand Master Richard Warren, Grand Master Lynn Bernard, Grand Master Mark Good, Junior Grand Master Dennis Lewis and Senior Master Susan Lofquist.Picture left to right,

Back Row- Master Paul LaVigne, Master Don Ross, Master Huong Tran, Master Rachel Harshbarger D.V.M., Master Terry King, Master Robert Jones, Master Bruce Park Jr., Master Larry Arthur, Master Betty Henderson (caller) and Master Aaron Lindstrom.

Front row -Senior Master Susan Lofquist, Grand Master Mark Good, Grand Master Richard Warren, Grand Master Tae Zee Park, Grand Master Lynn Bernard and Junior Grand Master Dennis Lewis.

Posted by: Senior Master Susan Lofquist, Tae Park TKD – WCTPTKD 

2018 New Masters

New 8th Dan Grand Masters

Lynn Bernard

Mark Daniel Good

New 5th Dan Master Instructors

Larry Feuerstein

Betty Henderson

Lemon Williams

2017 New Masters

New 4th Dan Master Instructor

Sheri Benedict

2016 New Masters

New 6th Dan Senior Master Insturctors

Robert Klingbeil

Susan Lofquist

New 5th Dan Master Instructor

John Sanderson

New 4th Dan Master Instructor

Rodney Bean

Anthony (Tony) Guastella

Rodney Bean
Rodney BeanMaster Instructor
Started TPI in 2002
Instructor: Master Randy Wrona
1st Dan: November 1, 2003
2nd Dan: November 5, 2005
3rd Dan: November 6, 2010
4th Dan: April 8, 2016

I started teaching TKD for the City of Wyoming Parks and Recreation on September 26, 2011 and continue to this day. I am married with 3 beautiful daughters. For the past 20 years I’ve work as an IT Specialist for the United States Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Michigan.

Anthony (Tony) GuastellaMaster Instructor
Started TPI in 1998
Instructor: Junior Grand Master Mark D. Good